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At SMI we provide pathways to a begin a professional career in Financial and Capital Market though our Qualifications, Accredited Programmes and Courses that meet our Standards.

If you're already in the industry then we can support your learning and development to help you take the next steps in your career. SMI Qualifications can be learned through our Approved Learning Providers around world. We have Accredited programs and courses with our Universities, Colleges and other Higher Education Providers across the globe.

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SMI Qualifications

At SMI we offer a wide range of qualifications for your career progression. Our programs range from basics of Financial & Capital Market through to Professional and Management level programs.

To qualify at each level one requires unique skillsets, advanced learning and assessments. Upon successful completion of our below programs with carefully crafted course content, assessment criteria, learning outcomes and training models leads you to a Membership with the Institute.

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Certificate in Stock Market Certificate in Capital Market
Diploma in Equity Research Diploma in Stock Market & Equity Research
Professional Diploma in Capital Market Professional Financial Planning

CPD Programs

Building a brighter professional future necessitates and involves continuous and committed fostering the development of knowledge and skills throughout the professional life of all the members.

This is essence of Continuing Professional Development(CPD) which encompasses sustaining and enhancing of knowledge and skills thereby building on the professional competence and innovation.

The CPD programs gives the professionals a clear sense of direction by boosting their confidence and credibility. This enables them to stay ahead in the game and make a meaningful impact in their field.

In our endeavour to encourage CPD, we would like our members to maintain a record of their various CPD activities in their membership profile. We will keep track of this and monitor growth and development of all the members thus ensuring that they always stay ahead in the rapidly changing investment management world.

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SMI Accreditation Scheme

SMI accredits Universities, Colleges, Higher Education Partners, Private Training Provider to become an Approved Learner Partner to deliver its Qualifications.

SMI Academic Accreditation is globally recognised seal of quality assurance for the Teaching Institute and a gold standard for Educational Programmes in the area of Financial & Capital Market. The award of accreditation signifies that both the teaching institute and the programme have met the highest standards of quality.

Through academic accreditation, the teaching institute can develop links with industry experts and gain access to the latest research, CPD events and influential figures in the industry. Accredited courses can use our logo for marketing their courses and state that they are SMI Accredited in their Key Information Sets (KIS).

As a Part of our Academic Accreditation Scheme, we Recognize Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes all around the world, which match our educational requirements. At the same time SMI Endorse Foundation / Diploma / Certificate Programs in Financial & Capital Markets as a part of its Accreditation Scheme.

Achieving accreditation for a course is beneficial for students, who can be assured that their chosen programme meets the highest academic and quality standards and will provide them with exemption from membership requirements. Students have access to the SMI Resources and information services, professional development activities as well as careers advice and progression opportunities. Our global career connect provides a wealth of free advice. Students from Accredited Programs may get Exemptions towards SMI Qualifications as well.