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SMI – Global body of Informed Investors

Our membership creates avenues for interesting & challenging roles and as a professional you stay ahead in the fast changing financial industry.

We are here to support you in this rewarding and intense path.

Top reasons to choose SMI
Work anywhere in the world

We have a global reputation for our rigorous qualifications, content, best practices & governance which are recognised and respected across the globe. By joining us you become a part of our global diverse member community.

Preferred by best employers

Globally Employers seek for SMI Members because they have the strategic thinking, technical skills and professional values to drive their organisations forward. We currently have more than 400 Approved Employers worldwide. Our members can connect with numerous vacancies through our global career connect.

Flexible study pathways

Our study options give you the flexibility to choose the partner and pathway to complete the qualification.

You can choose to study with the following partners:

  • Universities, Colleges & Higher Education Institutions,
  • Private Training Providers & Further Education Providers
  • Endorsed Programs

*The mode of study may differ from partner to partner, please contact your preferred partner for more details.

Online on our My SMI Platform

A Great way to Network with like-minded Members

Networking is a great way to grow in this fast paced business world. By joining SMI fraternity you can develop valuable contacts at our networking events, My SMI & Social Networking Platforms that enables you to connect with numerous like-minded professionals across the Globe.

Stay connected to cutting edge Developments

As a professional body, our endeavour is to always stay on top with the latest trends in the Financial Markets industry. Our Learning & Research team has been working tirelessly to produce insightful reports on the latest Financial Trends with the support of our member-volunteers.

These reports can be accessed by our member on My SMI.

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Benefits of SMI Membership

Enabling your growth as an insightful, resourceful & reliable professional.

  • Use of the official Designation of the Institute
  • SMI Membership gives you a professional recognition in the financial industry, which allows you to use of the Designatory Letters
  • Volunteer to support in accomplishing the Vision of the Institute
  • Get Invitations to all of our Institute Networking Events
  • Access to our Global Placement Portal, exclusive to members so that you may make yourself visible – Have employers globally identify & reach out to You
  • Apply for jobs - You will be able to apply for your preferred positions seamlessly through SMI Career Connect
  • Save Profile Searches – You can now save your most preferred profiles, so that you may apply at the career stage that suits you best.
  • Stay up to date – stay tuned to the Emerging Trends
  • Access to our Global Research Reports
  • Invitations to our Annual & Regional Conferences.
  • Invitations to our regular Institute Roundtable Briefings with the industry experts. You get to exchange insights, knowledge and experiences
  • Access to our Continuing Professional Development programmes (CPD) on My SMI

Membership Grades

The investment management profession demands high level of professional insights, a client centric mindset, honesty and transparency. These make our memberships coveted so that together we contribute to better society as a whole.

Since we have such a colossal vision inspiring us, we have created pathways encourage memberships from all walks of life to contribute.

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    A financial market professional needs to be well equipped with extensive knowledge, confidence and cutting-edge strategies to be able to understand the financial goals of an individual and solve them with the right advice backed by sound research and insights.

    Obtaining a membership from a professional body like SMI will enhances your status with colleagues and employers, helps you stay ahead of the competition and build trust amongst your clientele.

    Be a part of our knowledge and networking events and join our community of committed members and be recognised as an Financial Market Professional who is set out to help the investors create more wealth and benefit the society at large.

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